15 inspiring content ideas for social media

Are you feeling stuck as to what to post on social media? Whether you’re just getting started, or have been posting for a while, it’s not unusual to second guess what you’re doing. Many business owners I speak to struggle with generating content ideas for social media. Is it too salesy? Are you posting too many (or too few) selfies? What else could you be doing?

If this dilemma with generating content ideas for social media is familiar, keep watching and reading…



15 inspiring content ideas for social media

  1. You and/or your team in action.
  2. Your product/service.
  3. Showcase a customer.
  4. Behind the scenes, e.g. tools of your trade, or something about your local area.
  5. Share industry news.
  6. A special offer or promotion
  7. Helpful tip, or answer a frequently asked question.
  8. Ask a question or run a poll.
  9. Announce a competition.
  10. Remind people about the competition.
  11. Announce the competition winner.
  12. Client testimonial.
  13. Humour, such as a meme.
  14. Inspirational quote.
  15. Cute pets.

If you’re posting 3 times a week, for example, this is enough content to keep you going for over a month! When you’re done, simply repeat these themes.

Why have so much variety in the content?

Social media isn’t about making a sales pitch in every (or every other) post. That gets really old and boring for your followers, and very quickly. No one likes being sold to all the time!

Instead, posts that add value and personality to your brand present your business in a multi-dimensional, relatable way. After all, it’s called ‘social’ media for a reason, and the varied content brings your company to life.

And another great reason for producing this kind of content is that it’s very shareable. It can get your brand and products/services in front of a wider audience, as well as getting you more followers and likes.

It does take persistence and consistency, however! It’s a matter of keeping going, and being as useful and engaging as possible.

Use videos as well as photos

Mix up your social media posts by using:

  • Single photos.
  • Sets of photos.
  • Videos.

This keeps the content varied, fresh and interesting. Also, some social media channels give more weight to certain types of content (e.g. videos), so by mixing up your media you will help to maximise your organic (free) reach.

How to give these social media content ideas some structure

Have a big brainstorming session and write down all your ideas under each of these headings. You will probably generate enough content ideas to last you for a number of months! So put a date next to each content idea, and diarise it. And voilà, you have a social media content calendar.

Pro tip: Use any down time or quiet periods to pre-prepare your content, so it’s ready to go. Blitzing it in this way is absolutely invaluable when you get busy with ‘real’ work.


Next step: Get some help with your marketing content

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