Advanced SEO copywriting services

Basic search engine optimised (SEO) copywriting comes as standard on all websites by Cornelia. That means:

  • A quick keyword research exercise for each page.
  • Identifying a unique focus keyword for each page.
  • Using that focus keyword in the visible page content.
  • Using the focus keyword in the back-end meta data, i.e. the Page Title and Meta Description.

That approach is reasonable, but if you want a more planned and strategic approach to keywords and search engine optimisation, I can help you with that.

How to find out more about Advanced SEO website copywriting services:


Are search engine rankings important to you? Cornelia can also provide advanced SEO copywriting services.

All the details are on my copywriting website, Words By Cornelia:

SEO website copywriting is for you if: you like to dot all the “i”s and cross all the “t”s, and if getting the best possible results on Google is really important to you.

Don’t worry about SEO website copywriting if: you’re not that fussed about Google rankings, or if budget is an issue. (The nice thing about websites is that they aren’t carved in stone so this can always be worked on in the future.)

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