Announcement: How to get better results online with the Website Owner’s Manual

Have you ever noticed how websites and cars have a lot in common? They’re both essential tools for business, and they can both cost a lot. And they both need maintenance from time to time.

Except it’s relatively simple to maintain a car

You can simply drive your car to your local mechanic, who’ll take care of it all for you. The mechanic does the work; you hand over the payment; and you drive home in your fixed car. (OK, so you may wince slightly as you hand over the payment, but that’s another story!)

It’s a bit more complex with a website…

Websites are more complex to maintain because there’s so much gobbledegook involved! And yes, there are certainly lots of people who say they can get you better results on line, but their promises are so vague or so jargon-riddled that you have no idea whom to trust.

Typical sales pitches you might hear include:

“We’ll get you to the top of the first page of Google” … um, yes, for which keyword? And is it even a relevant keyword?

“We’ve noticed that your website uses meta java and it’s affecting the page rank serialisation of the inter-web and makes your site invisible to dogs when there’s a full moon.”

OK, so I made that last one up, but you get the picture. 😉

The picture being that there’s a huge amount of jargon out there, as well as lots of vague (but impressive-sounding) promises.

How are you meant to make sense of it all? After all, you have so many other things on your To Do list!

That’s where the Website Owner’s manual comes in…

At last! Easy-to-read and plain-speaking tips to help you get to grips with your website.

At last! Easy-to-read and plain-speaking tips to help you get to grips with your website.

The Website Owner’s Manual is an eBook written by me, Cornelia Luethi, that’s designed to rev up your website… and for less than the price of a tank of gas. It outlines in clear English:

  • Website updates: How often should you update your website? And what on earth could you possibly add to it?
  • Conversion: What tweaks could you make to your website to turn more visitors into customers?
  • Links: Why is it important to have quality websites linking to your website? And how can you go about getting these links?
  • Communication: How can you communicate with your customers online? And what sort of content could you use?
  • Measurement: What exactly should you be measuring? And how?
  • Real world strategies: What can you do in the real world to encourage people to visit your website?

65% more content!

The Website Owner’s Manual has just had a huge update. After all, technology moves quickly, so I make sure that my eBooks are always up-to-date too.

This eBook now has 65% more content… and it’s still at the same great price! The update includes 3 new chapters on:

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) basics: You’ll discover the process I work through when I write SEO website copy for my clients… this is the first time I’ve revealed my ‘secrets’!
  • Social media: Find out how to leverage this on your website – even if you’re not actually using social media yourself.
  • Conversion factors: How to build trust online.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Easy-to-read layout!

The Website Owner’s Manual is packed with graphics, screenshots and checklists to make it practical and easy to use.

But don’t just take my word for it, here’s what a customer has said about it…

“I didn’t really understand my website till I read this eBook”

“Although I have a website for my business, I don’t really know much about it or how to get it to perform better. I was hoping that the Website Owner’s manual would enlighten me – and it certainly did.

The eBook is written in a way that’s really interesting and is full of information that’s totally new to me. In fact, I found the eBook so absorbing I couldn’t put it down and even continued reading it at dinner in a restaurant!

I’d really recommend the Website Owner’s Manual to any business owner wanting to get the best results from their website.”

– Mark Barham, Auckland Plumbers Group

Cornelia Luethi will show you how to help stop your website visitors from leaking away in her Website Owner's Manual eBook.

Cornelia Luethi will show you how to help stop your website visitors from leaking away in her Website Owner's Manual eBook.

To find out more about the Website Owner’s Manual, and to buy online, visit:

And remember, it costs less than a tank of gas for your car, and it’s got a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, so go check it out!


Cornelia Luethi BSc (Hons), DipM

– Author of the Website Owner’s Manual

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