Announcing: How to grow your business through positive word-of-mouth

There's a lot that you can learn about customer service from a stinky fish... read on to find out more!

There’s a lot that you can learn about customer service from a stinky fish…

Wow, what great feedback I got from you, my Marketing Tips readers!

It seems that the stinky fish customer service story really hit a note with you.

After all, everyone has been on the receiving end of poor customer service at some time or another.

(And if a company has bad customer service, then all the money spent on glossy brochures and slick websites is wasted.)

How to give your customers a great story to tell about your business…

The flip side of story telling is that a good story also gets passed around.

(Yep, that’s positive marketing you can get for free!)

But how can you get your customers to proactively tell other people a positive story about your business?

There’s a methodology in generating a positive word-of-mouth story

There are specific steps you can take to give your customers a great word-of-mouth story to tell their friends. I call this giving your customers ‘Mentionitis’, because they get a buzz out of telling the story!

The Leaky Bathtub eBook guides you through this word-of-mouth methodology step by step. There are also lots of examples so you can see how the storytelling works in different industries. Invest in your copy today.

The Leaky Bathtub

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PS. One reader loved this book because it’s “so easy to read and understand as it’s written in plain, non-marketing guru language for us non-marketing people”.

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