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Cornelia Luethi (right) with Ruby Francis of Rubywaxx, who won an Excellence in Retail Award with Cornelia's award entry writing work.

Cornelia Luethi (right) with Ruby Francis of Rubywaxx, who won an Excellence in Retail Award with Cornelia’s award entry writing work.

*Exclusively for Retainer clients – see details further down this page*

Are you looking for quality help with award entry writing?

To date, every client that I’ve written an award entry for has at least gone on to become a Finalist – if not a Winner:

  • New Zealand Commercial Project Awards 2016: Keola won a Gold Award in the Education Category.
  • Sara Awards 2015: Recruit NZ were a Finalist in the Medium Size Recruitment Agency of the Year.
  • The David Awards: Recruit NZ were a Finalist in Most Outstanding Lifestyle Business and the Most Outstanding Established Business categories.
  • Westpac Auckland West Business Awards 2013: Keola Homes won Small Business of the Year, and were a Finalist in the Excellence in Innovation Category.
  • New Zealand Commercial Project Awards 2013: Keola Homes won a Bronze Award in the Education category.
  • Westpac Auckland Central Business Awards 2012: Rubywaxx won the Excellence in Retail Award – and a $13,000 advertising package as a prize.
  • New Zealand Retailers’ Association Top Shop Awards 2012: Wine And More were a Finalist in the food and beverage category.
  • Rushlight Awards 2010: Silent Wind Turbine won the Rushlight Wind Power Award, and also won the Rushlight Waste Recycling Award.

Here’s how I can  help you with award entry preparations…

There are a number of steps involved in award entry writing work. To date, I’ve helped clients with the following:

  • Choosing the most appropriate categories to enter.
  • Meeting with clients to obtain a brief and go through the questions.
  • Attending any awards workshops etc. to get as much information as possible on what the judges are looking for.
  • Suggesting appropriate KPIs to include in your entry. After all, most award schemes are looking for results, so you need to choose measures that are relevant to your industry, and that make your business look good, too.
  • Creating charts (if required) on the financial data supplied by you.
  • Liaising with you until you’re happy with the award entry writing work.
  • Online entries: submitting the entry on your behalf.
  • Entries requiring documents (electronically or hard copy): formatting the documents so that they’re attractive and easy to read.

And if you’re successful with your Award, I can help with:

  • Media release writing and distribution, together with advice on getting the best results from this.
  • Writing an article for your website and/or newsletter announcing your win.

Conditions for writing award entries

Not only do I want to keep my winning streak going, but I want you to have the best chance of succeeding in awards that you enter!

For that reason, I have a number of conditions in place – and I stick to these strictly. The conditions are:

  • Your business must be in New Zealand, as I will need face-to-face meeting time with you. (Otherwise I am happy to be flown to exotic locations!)
  • You must have been a Retainer client of mine for at least 6 months before the Award opening date. Otherwise, I won’t know your business well enough to add value to the award entry. I need to really know and understand your business, and its strengths and weaknesses to write a strong award entry.
  • I only write one award entry at a time. Award entries are full-on, so I will never ‘dilute’ my attention to a client I’ve already committed to.
  • You need to respond to my queries promptly, including providing financial data and KPIs.
  • I’ll never take on last-minute entries – you need to involve me right from the beginning. Not only do I not take on rush jobs, but it’s important that I can make the most of any resources provided during the entry period. For example, many business awards have workshops where they reveal the judging criteria: access to the judging criteria is invaluable.
  • I’ll only work on Award entries if I think I can add value to the process.

Pricing for award entry writing work

The price is based on the actual amount of time taken. As you must be a Retainer client for me to work on your award entry, the price will be based on the hourly rate of your Retainer. You can see my copywriting prices here.

For the typical Westpac Business Awards entry, you need to allow for at least 30 hours of my time. That’s based on entering 3 categories, plus writing the Business Summary, and one meeting with you.

I’m interested – what’s the next step?

The next step is for you to become a Retainer client, if you aren’t one already.

If you’re specifically interested in me writing an award entry for you, then please mention that right away, to make sure that I’m not already working on an entry.

Cornelia Luethi has a strong track record in award entry writing.

Cornelia Luethi has a strong track record in writing winning award entries.

Just tell me a bit about what you’re looking for, and we’ll take it from there! 🙂

Any questions?

If you have any questions, just use the form on the Contact page, and tell me a bit about your business and your project, as well as asking any questions you may have.



Cornelia Luethi  BSc (Hons) DipM
Copywriter and marketing consultant, Auckland, NZ