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The Leaky Bathtub - Marketing 101

The Leaky Bathtub – Marketing 101

The Leaky Bathtub

You know you need to do marketing to grow your business – but what should you be focusing on? What’s actually going to deliver real results?

When marketing costs you more than it delivers on results, it’s extremely frustrating.

And what’s frustrating is that you don’t know where you went wrong. You’ve spent the money – so why aren’t your sales increasing?

This introductory book on marketing is written in an entertaining style that’s fun to read. But don’t let the light-hearted tone deceive you: the marketing tactics in this book are based on proven marketing theories. (And best of all, they’re things you can start acting on right away!)

“The Leaky Bathtub is so easy to read and understand as it’s written in plain, non-marketing guru language for us non-marketing people. I love that it is interactive and requires little exercises throughout.

I think you have very successfully captured how and what needs to be done to stop the leak. And actually how simple it is if you follow a few steps and re-evaluate on a regular basis.”

– Ruby Francis, owner of Rubywaxx beauty therapy salons, NZ

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How to Choose and Use Eye-Catching Photographs for your Marketing

How to Choose and Use Eye-Catching Photographs for your Marketing

How to Choose and Use Eye-Catching Photographs for your Marketing

Did you know that choosing the wrong photographs can actually deter prospects from buying from you?

It’s true… and similarly, if you don’t use any photos at all, your marketing will look boring. (And also turn people away).

Packed with hints on marketing photography, this book is invaluable for marketing novices (and it has a few tricks even the pros don’t know!)

This book is perfect for anyone who’s ever struggled to choose photographs for their website, newsletter, blog or brochure. Plus it’s packed with tips on how to lay out the photographs so they have maximum pizzazz. There’s a swipe file of layout ideas waiting to be used!

“I felt as if Cornelia wrote the book especially for me and every other solo entrepreneur who doesn’t have an in-house art and design department. It is packed with so many practical tips and sound advice on everything from sourcing photographs to simple photo editing.

The book takes you through the whole process of using photos in marketing materials, starting with how they can add impact to your copy. If you’re like me, you’ll find it fills all the gaps in your knowledge (including gaps you didn’t know were there!).

The book is crammed full of examples showing you exactly what works (and what doesn’t). It also has detailed explanations of why these techniques work.

It’s clear the author is deeply knowledgeable on her subject but also completely understands the realities of running a small business. The advice is spot on for time pressed small business owners. The sound, impartial advice on when it’s worth bringing in the professionals is invaluable for stretched budgets.

If you’ve avoided using images in your marketing material, either because you’re more of a ‘words’ person, or don’t really think images matter or because you’re unsure how to make images look professional, then this will be the best $$ you ever spent.

– Juliet Fay, Wales, UK

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Website Owner's Manual

Website Owner’s Manual

Website Owner’s Manual

Have you ever wondered if your website could be working harder for your business?

But do all those computer words and jargon put you off?

Then the Website Owner’s Manual is for you, as it’s in a jargon-free, easy-to-read ebook format.

Find out:

  • How often should you be updating your website?
  • What on earth could you possibly add to it?
  • Why is it so important to have other websites linking to you?
  • What exactly should you be measuring? And how?
  • What should you be doing in the real world to encourage people to visit your website?

“Although I have a website for my business, I don’t really know much about it or how to get it to perform better. I was hoping that the Website Owner’s Manual would enlighten me – and it certainly did.

The eBook is written in a way that’s really interesting and is full of information that’s totally new to me. In fact, I found the book so absorbing I couldn’t put it down and even continued reading it at dinner in a restaurant!

I’d really recommend the Website Owner’s Manual to any business owner wanting to get the best results from their website.”

– Mark Barham, Auckland Plumbers Group

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This eBook gets you started with the Google Keyword Planner quickly and easily.

This eBook gets you started with the Google Keyword Planner quickly and easily.

Keyword Research

How to use the Google Keyword Planner for SEO

The Keyword Research eBook guides you on how to use Google’s free Keyword Planner tool, step by step. There are detailed instructions and screenshots to help you at every stage.

Plus! Discover my keyword research secrets… Because the results you get from the Keyword Planner will depend on the steps you take before you use it, and after you use it. I’ll show you ALL the steps – with simple, clear instructions every step of the way.

What you need to do before you use the Keyword Planner:

Doing a keyword brainstorm is an important first step in your keyword research process. If you skimp on this, then rubbish in = rubbish out.

But if you give this some good thought, then you’ll get far better results from the Keyword Planner.

(I have learned this the hard way: when you don’t put enough thought into the brainstorm, it’s possible that the keyword list you end up with will be missing some of the most obvious and important keywords. Yes, really! And that can mean re-doing your work all over again… don’t make that mistake!)

What you need to do after you use the Keyword Planner:

The Keyword Planner will give you thousands and thousands of keywords.

Great… but what are you meant to do with all that data?

I’ll go through the keyword selection process I use, to help make it easier for you to choose keywords that’ll convert.

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Minnie The Westie cartoon book

The first Minnie The Westie cartoon book

Just for fun! Dog cartoon books by Cornelia Luethi

My Minnie The Westie dog cartoon books are available as paperback books from online bookstores and appeal to dog lovers of all ages.

About Minnie The Westie…

A little bit naughty, plus a big dose of cuteness: that’s Minnie, a cartoon West Highland White Terrier dog. Minnie is food-obsessed and sometimes just a little bit stubborn, but she can charm her way out of any mischief with her waggy tail and big, adoring eyes.

Join Minnie The Westie on her adventures with her friends: you’ll meet Flo the bug; Morris, another Westie who is Minnie’s boyfriend; and Lady, Minnie’s cousin in England. Minnie’s (human) mum and dad are there to provide food, cuddles and belly rubs… all of which are very important to this little terrier.

Minnie The Westie - Sailor Dog Vacation... this is the second dog cartoon book by Cornelia Luethi.

Minnie The Westie – Sailor Dog Vacation… this is the second dog cartoon book by Cornelia Luethi.

“This is a splendid and well-done collection of cartoons starring Minnie who is Cornelia Luethi’s dog-daughter. Since I too have a Westie girl dog-kid just like Minnie I/we can relate very much to Minnie. The big difference seems to be that my Bridgette heads straight for the nearest dirt for a good roll immediately after her bath which can be a problem since she is often in New Mexico desert country whereas Minnie appears to be MUCH more lady-like being a refined Auckland city-girl.

Anyway, a charming book featuring a charming girl-dog.”

– a 5-star review (from a complete stranger) on

The books both contain 85 black-and-white Minnie The Westie cartoons, suitable for dog lovers of all ages. The paperback books are available on most online bookstores, including

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Cornelia Luethi knows her stuff when it comes to writing... let her write some winning words for you!

Cornelia Luethi knows her stuff when it comes to writing… let her write some winning words for you!

As you can see, I love writing! I write for fun and enjoyment – and also to share ideas and knowledge.

If you’d like me to write something for you, just contact me.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!


Cornelia Luethi BSc (Hons), Dip M
Writer, author, and marketing consultant


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