Copywriting prices

… or rather, what’s the value of quality copywriting?

Quality copywriting will help your marketing message get heard - and get acted on.

Quality copywriting will help your marketing message get heard – and get acted on.

The work of a good copywriter can:

  • Increase sales to new customers
  • Boost repeat sales to existing customers
  • Enhance your company’s professionalism
  • Give you ideas on how to get better results from your marketing
  • Leave you to focus on other areas of your business!

Words By Cornelia is here to help your small business get better marketing results by using words more effectively.

I’m here to help you get the best possible results, and I’ll work hard to make that happen. See what my customers are saying about the results I’ve achieved for them.

“helped create a point of difference in a very competitive market”

Andy Wright

Andy Wright, NG North Harbour Limited

“My special thanks to you for the wonderful job you did on copywriting the content for our new website.

We are delighted with our new website and especially appreciated your suggested modifications and advice through the whole process. We have already received several comments on how outstanding our website looks and without your help, analysis and guidance, I am sure it would not have been the success it has turned out to be.

Thanks again for your help with the development of such a critical business tool, to help us create a point of difference, in a very competitive market.”  December 2010

Andy Wright, Director, NG North Harbour Limited

If you like high-quality, results-focused copy, then read on…

There are 2 ways in which I work with clients:

One-off jobs: Smaller, one-off jobs are charged at my standard hourly rate of US$125 / NZ$155 + GST. Note that my ability to take on small projects is limited, as priority is given to my regular Retainer clients.

Copywriting Retainers: this is where I’m engaged for 5+ hours per month for a minimum of 3 months. This is ideal if you have a number of things you’d like me to work on, or a larger project. This is my preferred way of working, and most of my clients choose this option as the pricing makes it attractive. (The more you use my copywriting services, the lower the hourly rate becomes!)

Special Price for Retainers

Basic Option

Premium Option

Monthly Copywriting Retainer5 hours
per month

10 hours
per month
Special PriceUS$575 / NZ$700
(That's an hourly rate of US$115 / NZ$140)
US$1,050 / NZ$1,300
(That's an hourly rate of US$105 / NZ$130)

Note: GST is a sales tax that only applies to New Zealand based-businesses. Just ignore any mentions of GST if you’re outside of NZ.

Copywriting services exclusively for Retainer clients

There are some projects I’ll only work on for Retainer clients. These include writing:

  • Brochures and flyers.
  • Letters and other direct mail.
  • Award entries: I’ve gotten some great results for clients in business awards, but I have a number of conditions in place to maximise your chances of success. Read more about award entry writing.
  • Press releases: I’ll work on these at my discretion, if I think that your story has a strong enough angle, and if I can add value to it.
  • Video scripts.

The services listed above are just for Retainer clients because I can add the most value (and get you the best possible results) if I know your business well. Results matter!

Indicative copywriting prices

Here are indicative prices for copywriting projects done as a one-off job:

The copywriting prices are as a guideline only, and are based on my standard hourly rate of US$125 / NZ$155 + GST. (GST is a sales tax that applies to New Zealand businesses only.)

Briefing meeting

The briefing meeting is an important first step in getting to know you and your business, and the goals for your copywriting project.

The copywriting briefing meeting is an important first step to get to know you and your business.

The copywriting briefing meeting is an important first step to get to know you and your business.

Face-to-face briefing meetings

For clients in Auckland, New Zealand, the briefing takes place face-to-face at your business premises. (This is the best way for me to get to know your business.) I’ll come prepared with questions, but please also prepare information for me – there is no such thing as giving me too much information… lots of information lets me do a great job for you!

Estimated investment value: NZ$310 (based on a 1-hour meeting and 1 hour of travel time).

After the briefing, I will confirm the pricing for your work, in case your requirements have changed as a result of our conversation. (You’ll get my best marketing and copywriting ideas and tips during your consultation!)

Remote briefings

For clients overseas or in other parts of New Zealand, the process is a little different:

  1. Email briefing: I’ll get as much information from you via email as possible (so you need to be comfortable working remotely by email, as this will be our primary means of communication).
  2. Skype or phone call: This is an opportunity for us to ask each other questions that haven’t been answered by email. Skype voice calls and/or phone calls will be a secondary means of communication while we’re working together.

Estimated investment value: US$125 / NZ$155 (based on a 1-hour phone call or Skype voice call).

After the briefing, I will confirm the pricing for your work, in case your requirements have changed as a result of our conversation. (You’ll get my best marketing and copywriting ideas and tips during your consultation!)

Copywriting prices

These copywriting prices are as a guideline only, and are based on my standard hourly rate of US$125 / NZ$155 + GST.

Website copywriting

Website copywriting work is split into a number of different steps – you are welcome to pick and mix the steps you’d like. (And if you’re not sure what you need, I’ll gladly point you in the right direction.)

(a) Keyword research

To ensure that your website gets the best possible search engine rankings, we need to start off by undertaking some keyword research, i.e. what search terms people are actually using in Google.

Price estimates for keyword research:

  • For a website with up to 10 pages: US$250NZ$310
  • For a website with 11 to 20 pages: US$500NZ$620
  • Websites with more than 20 pages will be charged for proportionally.

NB: These estimates are based on either one country; or global search data. If you wish to specify certain countries and receive either individual data on each country; or summary data, this would be at additional cost.

Once the keyword research has been done, the next step is to devise your keyword strategy for your website.

(b) Keyword strategy

Now that you’ve got keyword data, we need to figure out how best to use it! That’s what this is all about: I will recommend the primary (focus) keyword for each page. If it’s relevant, I’ll also pick some secondary keywords to weave into the copy where possible. Each web page needs to have a unique focus keyword.

You’ll be asked to sign-off this keyword strategy before the actual writing work commences, to ensure you’re happy with this.

Price estimates for keyword strategy:

  • For a website with up to 10 pages: US$125NZ$155
  • For a website with 11 to 20 pages: US$250NZ$310
  • Websites with more than 21 pages will be charged for proportionally.

Getting the keyword strategy agreed on is vital, as this forms the basis of the SEO website copywriting work.

(c) Website copywriting

Now that all the background research work is complete, the writing work can begin!

The words I’ll write for you are designed to attract more visitors to your website, convert more of them into customers and grow your sales.Your website copy will be carefully written to:

  • Improve your website’s ranking with search engines.
  • Drive more targeted traffic to your website.
  • Engage your visitors so they stick around.
  • Stimulate desire for your products and services.
  • Build trust in your business – even with people you’ve never met.
  • Persuade your website visitors to buy from you… there is a strong focus on sales and conversion.

Price estimates for website copywriting:

  • Home page: US$375NZ$465
  • Short copy landing pages and squeeze pages: US$375 / NZ$465
  • Long copy sales pages: from US$500+NZ$620+
  • All other pages: US$250NZ$310

Note: I consider one website page to be a maximum of 500-1,000 words (that’s about two A4 pages in a Word document). For good search engine rankings, each page on your website should be a minimum of 300 optimised words.

What you’ll receive:

The website copy would be supplied in a Word document for you to pass on to your website developer. This includes the visible content for the web pages, as well as the behind-the-scenes meta data:

  • Meta title
  • Meta description
  • Image/photo meta data (if you let me know which images you’ll be using), including a Caption and ALT tag.

The Word document will be formatted in a way that makes the copy easy-to-read, so that it’s customer-friendly as well as search engine-friendly. The formatting usually includes things like:

  • Headings and sub-headings
  • Bullet points
  • Hyperlinks to other pages

Please ensure that your website developer observes our layout, as this will have a significant impact on how reader-friendly your website will be.

Article writing

You can use the unique, high quality articles I’ve written for you on your website or blog, or in your newsletter… wherever you like!

Estimated investment value: US$250-375 / NZ$310-465 (based on a 500-1,000 word article. Briefing time is additional).

You will receive this FREE info booklet on how to set up email autoresponders when you've paid your final invoice.

You will receive this FREE info booklet on how to set up email autoresponders when you’ve paid your final invoice.

Email autoresponders

Send a series automated email reminders to your customers or prospects.

Important: you must have a website sales page to send your readers to, so that’s the very first step. Be sure to test and measure this sales page to ensure that it’s converting well… there’s no point in sending people to a sales page that isn’t converting! Do that first, before you invest in email autoresponders.

Estimated investment value: US$125 / NZ$155 per email. This is based on an autoresponder series of at least 5 emails (8 emails are recommended). Email length: 500 words. Briefing time is additional.

Once you’ve made your final payment for the autoresponder copywriting, you’ll receive a bonus Info Booklet on how to set up the Autoresponders for best results.

White paper/eBook writing

It’s impossible to estimate this work in advance, as there are too many variables! For example, the length of the book; how much research is involved; if you’d like me to source photos to go with the copy; if you’d like me to do the layout work (in Word or InDesign)… there are so many options!

Estimated investment value: from US$1,500+ / NZ$1,900+


The prices on this page include up to 2 rounds of revisions (in addition to the first round of copy supplied), however these are rarely needed.

Revisions are to meet your original brief: if your requirements have changed, and the copy changes are as a result of you changing your mind, then any extra work is at additional cost.

Working together

Email communication: Email will be the primary means of communication when we’re working together… phone calls and meetings are for urgent/important matters only.

Updates: I’ll give you indicative time scales of when you can expect to receive copy from me, and I’ll work hard to meet your deadlines. I’ll also keep you posted with updates so you know where things are at.

Acknowledgement: When I email you with copy I’ve written, please can you send me a quick note to acknowledge that you’ve received it. Emails can and do go missing, and Murphy’s Law says that it’ll be something important that goes walkabout!

Sign-off: Once you’ve reviewed the copy, please let me know if any changes are required, or if I can cross it off my To Do list. That will save me from pestering you with follow-ups! 😉

Timing, payment, and availability

I work on a turn-around time of about 2 weeks for the first draft, and a 50% deposit will be invoiced for the copywriting work at the outset. The copywriting work will be scheduled once I’ve received the cleared funds in my bank account (or PayPal for overseas clients). After that, progress invoices will be issued for work completed. Payment terms are strictly 7 days. For more information, read my Terms of Business.

(Sorry, I don’t take on urgent jobs.)


All the time I spend devoted to you is billable. That includes the copywriting work itself; research and reading time; and revisions. All liaison time (phone calls, emails, travel time, meeting time, and so on) is also billable. This makes the pricing fair, as some clients like more hand-holding than other clients. 🙂

You would be advised if any requests you make take us over the agreed budget allowance, as I realise that it’s important for you to manage your marketing investment levels.

What’s the next step?

  1. Contact: Please contact me and tell me a little bit about what you have in mind. I’ll let you know if I can take on your project, or if I’m not the best person for your job. (I’ll only work on copywriting projects where I know I can do a great job for you.)
  2. Proposal: After that, I’ll put a written proposal together for you, based on my understanding of the project so far.
  3. Briefing: If you’re happy with the proposal, we’ll then agree the payment details (it’s best to get that agreed on up-front, so I can focus my time and energy on writing good copy for you), and arrange the Briefing Meeting.

Cornelia Luethi is here to write sizzling sales messages for your business.

I’ll guide you through the whole copywriting process step-by-step, and I’m here to help you and answer your questions.

Sound good?

Great! Just drop me a line ( and tell me a bit about what you have in mind… I’m looking forward to hearing from you!


Cornelia Luethi  BSc (Hons), DipM
Copywriter and Marketing Consultant, Auckland, NZ

PS. Remember, if you have any questions at all, just drop me a line!

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