Here’s why Words By Cornelia will help you achieve better results online…

Cornelia Luethi

Cornelia Luethi is focused on copywriting that generates results for your business.

Copywriting in a way that will compel your prospects (and customers) to buy from you is no mean feat.

So if you’ve been struggling to achieve sales with your own copy, you’re far from alone!

There are very specific techniques that are used in copywriting, especially when it comes to writing online content for websites and autoresponders. And because copywriter Cornelia Luethi has a background in marketing consulting, she can help you get better results.

How Cornelia can help you achieve better results with your copywriting:

1. Ensuring that your project fits in with your overall strategy

Your copywriting project isn’t a standalone item. Oh no… It has a wider purpose or objective. So Cornelia will discuss that with you as part of the briefing process. (After all, there’s no point you spending money on something that isn’t going to fly!)

2. Addressing the needs, fears, wants and desires of your target market

Your marketing piece needs to address a specific need, fear, want or desire that your target market is experiencing. So as part of the briefing process, Cornelia will ask you about this so she can get ‘under the skin’ of the person you’re targeting. (She has a great imagination and is really good at this!)

3. Getting your piece to attract attention with a zingy zesty headline

Cornelia will write headlines that'll grab your audience's attention.

Cornelia will write headlines that’ll grab your audience’s attention.

The headline is a crucial part of your copywriting piece… after all, if that doesn’t engage people, then your web page won’t get read. Or your email won’t get opened.

Cornelia has studied headline writing extensively, and will craft this for you carefully.

In most cases, she will provide you with two or more options. That’s so you can undertake A/B split testing, so you can test and measure what works best for your specific target market.

4. Crafting customer-focused content

One of the things that businesses struggle with most when writing their own copy is that they find it hard to see things from their prospects’ and customers’ points of view.

Yet writing in a customer-focused manner is vital for engaging people, and persuading them to buy from you. So Cornelia won’t so much write about your business/product/service… rather, she’ll write about what it can do for your customers.

5. Building trust… with complete strangers!

One of the challenges of online copywriting is that you need to build trust with people you’ve never met… and in about 5 seconds. Yep, if readers don’t feel like your business is trustworthy within just a few short seconds, they’ll hit the ‘back’ button on their web browser to go to a competitor’s website.

Rather than risk that happening to you, engage Cornelia to write some pro-content that shows off your trustworthiness and professionalism!

6. Creating clear and prominent calls-to-action

Another mistake that novice copywriters make is that they completely forget about including a call to action. Or it’s so subtle that most people see it. Or it’s in the wrong place.

Cornelia is obsessive about clear and obvious calls to action, giving your marketing piece the best possible chance of success. So get her to write your marketing piece for you!

(Yes, this is a call to action!)

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Want to know a bit more about Cornelia?

Here’s why Cornelia Luethi is a great choice as your copywriting partner…

Cornelia’s a great choice as your copywriting partner because she knows what works in marketing – and what doesn’t.

For one thing, Cornelia’s studied marketing extensively. Her qualifications include:

  • BSc (Hons) Management Studies, Royal Holloway University of London
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing (DipM) from the Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK.
  • City & Guilds Photography, from Croydon College, UK.

After graduating from University, Cornelia’s marketing career began in 1997 and she spent nearly 10 years in corporate marketing roles.

All the cartoons on this website have been drawn by Cornelia Luethi.

All the cartoons on this website have been drawn by Cornelia Luethi.

That taught her some great skills, but the corporate environment wasn’t her thing. So in 2006 Cornelia’s life as a freelance copywriter and marketing consultant began.

Cornelia loves working from home on Auckland’s North Shore in New Zealand. Is it lonely working from home? No, how can it be, when all her friends live in her computer (on Facebook)?!

Besides, Cornelia’s dog keeps her company, plus her partner works from home too.

Being freelance, Cornelia can schedule her time around other favourite activities… such as sailing. 🙂

For fun, Cornelia draws cartoons, and all the cartoons on this website have been drawn by Cornelia. She has also published cartoon ‘Minnie The Westie‘ books based on her dog.

How does copywriting fit into the whole marketing thing?

So much of marketing comes down to words: website copy. Newsletter articles. Autoresponders. Blog posts. All of these marketing tools have words… and if you want them to sell, they need to be good, compelling words, rather then weak, feeble, pointless words!

And it just so happens that writing is one of Cornelia’s most favourite things in the world. Writing was her favourite hobby as a kid, and it still is now.

In fact, when Cornelia isn’t working for her clients, she’s either working on her books, or playing Words With Friends! Yep, she’s a total word nerd.

Cornelia has studied copywriting extensively too. Many of her training courses have been with some of the best marketers and copywriters around today:

  • iPhone Video Hero VIP: Video marketing course, including video production and video editing in 2013. Taught by Jules Watkins, an ex-BBC and MTV cameraman and Producer/Director. This course includes one-on-one mentoring and feedback from Jules.
  • Ultimate Guide to eBook Writing Success: a self-study course in 2013, taught by Bob Bly via AWAI.
  • Autoresponder Apprentice: a comprehensive self-study course in 2012, taught by Jay White via AWAI.
  • Headline Writing Course: an 8-week part time-course in 2012 with daily assignments, taught 0ne-on-one by Sean D’Souza at Psychotactics.
  • How to Design Snazzy Ebooks in InDesign: a 4-week part-time self-study course taught by Sean D’Souza at Psychotactics.
  • Article Writing Course: a 12-week part-time course in 2011 with daily assignments, taught one-on-one by Sean D’Souza at Psychotactics.
  • Search Engine Bootcamp: a full day training seminar in 2009.

… and on top of that, Cornelia reads and studies copywriting techniques on a daily basis. (When you’re a word nerd, that’s fun!) 🙂

Why choose Cornelia to help you with your copywriting?

1. I’ll make those copywriting and marketing projects easier for you… and even a little bit fun!

Cornelia’s will make the copywriting process easy – and enjoyable!

I realise that copywriting and marketing isn’t everyone’s favourite thing. One of my skills is to explain everything in easy-to-understand terms, and break projects down so that they’re manageable. And I’ll make it all as fun as I can… I can’t stand ‘boring’! ;)

2. I’ll be your myth-buster

Wondering if something will work or not? I’ll give you my honest, polite but truthful feedback. If I reckon it won’t fly, I’ll tell you. There’s so much marketing hype and a veritable road-train of marketing bandwagons, it can be hard to know what’s for real and what’s just hype. I’ll be your marketing myth-buster.

3. I’ll share my experience of what works (and doesn’t work) with you

Not only have I spent years ‘n’ years studying copywriting and marketing, I’ve been working in marketing since 1997. I’ve done a whole heap of testing, measuring and learning along the way. So I’ve got oodles of tips and shortcuts to help you. (Why do things the hard way when you don’t have to?!)

4. I’m consistently up-skilling and learning – and I’ll share all the best bits with you!

Cornelia shares her up-to-date marketing and copywriting knowledge with you.

Cornelia shares her up-to-date marketing and copywriting knowledge with you.

The world of marketing doesn’t stay the same for long. That’s why I devote a massive amount of time (and money) into learning new skills and techniques.

Best of all, I pass on what I learn to you! I share these tips via my main website, The Leaky Bathtub. That’s where you’ll find my blog.

5. Need suppliers? I know lots of great ones!

As much as I’d love to do everything, I can’t. So I stick to my knitting.

But over the years I’ve built up a network of fabulous people, who do everything from graphic design to web development, business coaching, HR, setting up autoresponders, and a whole lot more. So if I’m not the right person to help you, I can usually point you towards someone who can.

6. I’ll treat your marketing budget as if I were spending my own money

I base all my recommendations on what I’d do in your shoes. (And I’m pretty frugal when it comes to marketing… sometimes business owners have complained that I don’t want to spend enough! True!)

So there you have it… listed above are 6 great reasons as to why you should engage me! 😉

Any questions?

Just contact me, I’ll be happy to help you.


Cornelia Luethi BSc (Hons), DipM
Writer and marketing consultant
FX Marketing Limited (New Zealand)

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