Case study: LC Designer Homes website copywriting


Leonard Construction and Design in Auckland were rebranding to LC Designer Homes, to:
(a) emphasise the design aspect of their service, and
(b) focus on a new target market of luxury bespoke homes.


The previous website was functioning well in terms of Google rankings and generating enquiries, but as the target market had shifted it was attracting enquiries that were no longer relevant to the business.

Words by Cornelia had written the SEO website content for the previous content, and Trisha Cupra at Quokka Creative (my go-to web designer) had created the previous website. LC Designer Homes approached both of us to work on the new website, but were understandably concerned that a new website with new keywords and also a new domain could negatively impact search engine rankings.


I had a briefing meeting with Michelle at LC Designer Homes to understand their new target market, and the services they were offering (existing and new). Together, we also looked at competitors’ websites and identfied what we did and didn’t like about them, to get a feel for what was needed in terms of both the content, and the look and feel of the website.

From that, I conducted an in-depth keyword brainstorm, collaborating with Michelle. This resulted in 37 pages of relevant keywords and URLs to run through the keyword research tool, which created over 27,000 rows of keyword data. I manually sifted through this data to formulate the keyword strategy for the new website. Once the client had signed off the keyword strategy, I set to work on the website copywriting, liaising with Michelle as needed to ask questions and obtain further information.

The website copywriting work was tackled in a specific order, so that the things I learned in one section would enable me to write other sections in an informed way. In this instance, it meant writing the Services sub-pages first, because the information I learned from that then allowed me to write the main Services page, and also the Home page. Also, writing the content in sections and gaining client approval along the way means a big project is broken down, and also lessens the need for revisions.

Michelle also bounced ideas off me, relating to the choice of colours and fonts for the website. It’s great to be involved in the website project as a whole, that way the words are in harmony with the visual aspects of a site.

Also, having worked with Trisha at Quokka Creative on numerous websites before, it meant that Trisha is skilled with laying out my words so they form a coherent and attractive part of the design. Too many web designers see the words as an annoyance, or clutter, yet they’re so vital for SEO!


The outcome is best described by Michelle at LC Designer Homes in her own words:

“182% increase in new users and a 215% increase in page views”

“Cornelia wrote our previous website for us, and it performed well on search engines. However, as we were rebranding our business; refocusing on a new target market; and moving to a new website domain, a re-write was necessary. But I was nervous about making changes to the content and losing our Google rankings in the process.

Cornelia worked with us on the new content, and advised us on how we could achieve our branding and marketing objectives, but without losing search engine rankings. It was also important to us that our new website looked slick and uncluttered – in other words not too wordy – yet at the same time I know the search engines like a certain amount of content. So Cornelia worked closely with our web designer to make sure the copy was laid out in a way that tied in with the imagery on the website, so it’s got that clean look, but still with a decent word count.

Has Cornelia been successful with maintaining our Google rankings? Absolutely – and then some! I’ve been monitoring the results of the new website closely, and the visitor numbers and average session durations are consistently up on the same period last year. We’ve even seen 182% increases in new users; a 215% increase in page views; and an 83% increase in the average session duration. We’re getting great feedback, reach, and engagement – and a reasonable number of leads are coming through already.

Working with Cornelia was really easy – as we’ve worked together before, it was simple to pick up where we’d left off last time. And Cornelia was able to transform our words in a way that suited our new brand and new target market. Outsourcing this type of work is awesome – it can be a real burden doing it yourself.

What I really like about Cornelia’s copywriting is that the keywords for SEO (search engine optimisation) are weaved naturally into the copy she writes. She puts the reader first and foremost, using a tone that reflects our business, yet the copy is still really amazing for SEO.

Cornelia also liaised with our web designer on the visual aspects of our website. For example, giving ideas on our new brand colours; providing feedback on our new logo; and sharing ideas on how to incorporate some of the imagery so that our new website would look slick but would also be user friendly.

I would definitely recommend Cornelia to any business that’s serious about getting the most out of their online presence.” June 2020



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15 inspiring content ideas for social media

Are you feeling stuck as to what to post on social media? Whether you’re just getting started, or have been posting for a while, it’s not unusual to second guess what you’re doing. Many business owners I speak to struggle with generating content ideas for social media. Is it too salesy? Are you posting too many (or too few) selfies? What else could you be doing?

If this dilemma with generating content ideas for social media is familiar, keep watching and reading…



15 inspiring content ideas for social media

  1. You and/or your team in action.
  2. Your product/service.
  3. Showcase a customer.
  4. Behind the scenes, e.g. tools of your trade, or something about your local area.
  5. Share industry news.
  6. A special offer or promotion
  7. Helpful tip, or answer a frequently asked question.
  8. Ask a question or run a poll.
  9. Announce a competition.
  10. Remind people about the competition.
  11. Announce the competition winner.
  12. Client testimonial.
  13. Humour, such as a meme.
  14. Inspirational quote.
  15. Cute pets.

If you’re posting 3 times a week, for example, this is enough content to keep you going for over a month! When you’re done, simply repeat these themes.

Why have so much variety in the content?

Social media isn’t about making a sales pitch in every (or every other) post. That gets really old and boring for your followers, and very quickly. No one likes being sold to all the time!

Instead, posts that add value and personality to your brand present your business in a multi-dimensional, relatable way. After all, it’s called ‘social’ media for a reason, and the varied content brings your company to life.

And another great reason for producing this kind of content is that it’s very shareable. It can get your brand and products/services in front of a wider audience, as well as getting you more followers and likes.

It does take persistence and consistency, however! It’s a matter of keeping going, and being as useful and engaging as possible.

Use videos as well as photos

Mix up your social media posts by using:

  • Single photos.
  • Sets of photos.
  • Videos.

This keeps the content varied, fresh and interesting. Also, some social media channels give more weight to certain types of content (e.g. videos), so by mixing up your media you will help to maximise your organic (free) reach.

How to give these social media content ideas some structure

Have a big brainstorming session and write down all your ideas under each of these headings. You will probably generate enough content ideas to last you for a number of months! So put a date next to each content idea, and diarise it. And voilà, you have a social media content calendar.

Pro tip: Use any down time or quiet periods to pre-prepare your content, so it’s ready to go. Blitzing it in this way is absolutely invaluable when you get busy with ‘real’ work.


Next step: Get some help with your marketing content

If you’d like some help with any marketing content, drop me a line.

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How to present your business in an authentic way

Now is the time to be authentic. To tell the story of your brand in a way that connects with your audience at a deeper level. Customers aren’t just looking for a product – they’re looking for fulfilment. To feel that their purchase is enriching the lives of workers, and helping to heal the planet.

How do you do that? It’s done with words and photography that are thoughtful, honest, and give a candid glimpse behind the scenes.

Storytelling with words is a good start, but photography adds a layer of richness, which makes your story truly unique and memorable.

Visual stories capture people’s imaginations. They create engagement on social media, and elevate your business from the noise of competitors. It can boost your sales, brand awareness, and customer loyalty. All of which are vital at a time when consumers are giving more consideration as to what and how they’re spending.

I can help you promote your business in an authentic, customer-centric way. As well as being an experienced copywriter with a strategic marketing background, I’m also a photographer, meaning I can take care of both the words and the pictures.

My images have been used by BBC, Forbes, Air New Zealand, the NZ Herald, and more. The photos shown here were for Bay of Islands Farmers’ Markets.


Authentic storytelling with words and photos

Latest projects: March 2019 – magazine articles & photography

This summer I’ve been busy writing magazine articles and shooting photos for ‘Motorhomes, Caravans & Destinations’ magazine

Fishing for snapper at Mangonui


Northland cheese trail


Riding high in Waitangi Mountain Bike Park


The magic of Lake Manuwai


Kerikeri’s impressive ‘new’ waterfall


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Does it keep falling off?

Does copywriting and marketing keep falling of your To Do list? Then let Cornelia take care of it for you.

Does copywriting and marketing keep falling off your To Do list? Then let Cornelia take care of it for you.

Does copywriting and marketing keep “falling” off your To Do list?

Goodness, the first two months of 2014 have gone already and it’s officially Autumn in this part of the world (or “Fall”, as our American friends call it).

Did you have any copywriting and marketing projects planned this year?

But have those tasks “fall”-en off your To Do list already?

Then let me help you!

Stop struggling with your writing and marketing projects, I’ll make it a breeze to create unique messages for your business:

  • Website content: Web pages, news articles and blog posts that the search engines will love.
  • Email content: Newsletters, autoresponders and sales emails to keep your customers and prospects engaged and informed.
  • Ebook writing: Want to give your customers and prospects a Free White Paper or eBook? They’re a great way to add value and demonstrate you’re the best in your industry.
  • Video scripts: Video is the latest and greatest online marketing trend… I can write compelling scripts for intro videos, how-to videos, and sales videos.

How to get started…

Just tell me a bit about what you have in mind and we can take it from there. 🙂

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!


Cornelia Luethi BSc (Hons), DipM

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Newsflash! Copywriter for the Best Small Business of the Year

My client, Keola Homes, with the Business of the Year Award (plus a trophy for being a Finalist for Excellence in Innovation).

My client, Keola Homes, with the Business of the Year Award (plus a trophy for being a Finalist for Excellence in Innovation).

Last week a copywriting and marketing consulting client of mine won Small Business of the Year in the Westpac Auckland West Business Awards. These Awards are a big deal in this part of the world, and there was strong competition from more than 100 businesses in all industry sectors.

Yours truly was the writer of the winning award entry. 🙂

My award-winning client is Keola Homes, a 4-person small business that specialises in designing and building luxury architectural houses on difficult plots of land.

I am proud to be the copywriter and marketing consultant for the Small Business of the Year!

I’ve been working with Keola Homes on a monthly retainer basis since May 2012. I’ve worked on various projects with Keola Homes during that time:

  • Writing this winning Award entry for Small Business of the Year (plus they were Finalists for Excellence in Innovation).
  • Writing a previous Award entry, where Keola Homes won Bronze for a Commercial Project.
  • SEO website copywriting: the Keola Homes website now generating more website traffic, and more conversions. 42% of sales have come from the website in the past year (compared to next-to-nothing before that).

Here’s what Sanjesh Lal, owner of Keola Homes, says about my award writing work:

Sanjesh Lal, Keola Homes

Sanjesh Lal, Keola Homes Ltd

“Cornelia has been instrumental in preparing applications for 2 prestigious awards this year for us: The NZ Commercial Project Awards and Westpac Small Business of the Year. We are proud to have won both awards!

There was a lot of data for Cornelia to sift through, and she created meaningful applications backed up by firm statistical data.

Cornelia has used her skills in copywriting and good clear graphical representation of data to create award winning entries both times.

She has presented our ‘story’ in such an amazing and credible way, that judges have found us worthy of awards. I could not have done even half as good a job myself.” – Sanjesh Lal, Keola Homes Ltd

Quality results

When it comes to copywriting, I’m not the cheapest person out there (nor the most expensive), but the writing work is high quality and geared to helping you achieve your business goals.

More details about my copywriting services are here:

Availability of copywriting services

So if you have any projects you’d like award-winning copywriting and marketing for, I’d suggest you contact me soon. I take on new clients on a strictly first-come, first-served basis, and there is often a waiting list of a month or two.

Cornelia Luethi has a strong track record in award entry writing.

Cornelia Luethi has a strong track record in award entry writing.

Next step:

Simply tell me a bit about the project you’d like help with. You can use the easy-peasy form here, and that’ll get the conversation started:

And if you have any questions, just ask!


Cornelia Luethi  BSc (Hons) DipM
Copywriter and marketing consultant, Auckland, NZ