Lost for words? Specifically, words that’ll boost your sales?

You know that your small business offers a great product or service.

And you also know that people out there need what you have to offer.

But somehow you struggle to find the words that will grab your customers’ and prospects’ attention.

Does that sound familiar?

If you’re struggling to write customer-focused content you’re not alone… far from it!

Here’s how the Words By Cornelia writing service can help your small business:

  • Website audits: Wondering if your website could be performing better for you? My comprehensive website audits will look at SEO, conversion factors, whether the design is working for you (or against you), and so much more. Find out more about website audits.
  • Website copy: SEO website copy that both the search engines and human readers will love. Read more about website copy.
  • White paper and eBook writing: Show off your expertise with an eBook or white paper. As well as writing the content, I can also take care of the formatting to make it look super slick and professional. Read more about eBook writing.
  • Newsletter, article and blog post writing: Do you need regular content for your newsletter or blog? Contact me to find out more about article writing services.

Words By Cornelia is a writing service based in Northland, New Zealand. In most cases, it doesn’t matter where you are in the world… thanks to email, you can use this writing service wherever you are!

(Website copy can be done remotely if you give me a great brief, and is easy peasy from any distance!)

Why does this particular writing service help you get better results?

Here are 9 reasons why the writing service from Words By Cornelia can help you achieve more sales:

1. A specialist in online content and email marketing

Rather than write everything and anything, Cornelia Luethi at Words By Cornelia specialises in website content. She’s constantly up-skilling and knows some serious stuff! (Make up your own mind and check out the blog: it’s packed with marketing and copywriting tips.)

2. Marketing consulting experience means that Cornelia is focused on sales

Cornelia’s been in marketing for more than 15 years. That means she’s dedicated to helping you achieve sales, as that’s how she measures her results. It’s that simple!

David Eggleton, Suits On Broadway

David Eggleton, Suits On Broadway

“Cornelia re-wrote (and added to) my website content over a period of time. The results? Well, a year later, the number of visitors to my site had doubled. Did it lead to more store traffic? Yes, definitely. More and more people were coming in saying they’d found us via the website. I’m still getting benefit of that investment, month in, month out: it’s proven to be a very effective marketing technique. It’s been money well spent.

If you’re looking to get better results from your website – and grow your business – I can highly recommend Cornelia’s services. She’s friendly, professional and does a very thorough job.”

 – David Eggleton, Suits On Broadway

3. Strategy first; tactics later

Your copywriting project isn’t a standalone item. Oh no… It has a wider purpose or objective. So Cornelia will discuss that with you as part of the briefing process. (After all, there’s no point you spending money on something that isn’t going to fly!)

4. Listening to your needs

Listening to what’s important to you is a key part of the copywriting process. Sure, Cornelia will offer advice and suggestions as part of your writing service, but at the end of the day you’re the customer, and you need to be happy with the copy!

Ursula Wyss - Hair Design

Ursula Wyss – Hair Design

“Cornelia’s work is super professional, and her communication is outstanding. She is very respectful of our marketing budget, and always works within the means. Cornelia listens and adapts to our needs ensuring marketing is tailored to suit us, our clientele and our industry.

Her marketing skills have helped my small business to keep great relationships and rapport with our existing clients, as well as bringing new business.”

 – Ursula Wyss, Ursula Wyss Hair Design

5. Understanding your target market

Your marketing piece needs to address a specific need, fear, want or desire that your target market is experiencing.

As part of the briefing process, Cornelia will ask you about this so she can get ‘under the skin’ of the person you’re targeting. (She has a great imagination and is really good at this!)

“Thank you for your support in the last 3 years in all things marketing and copywriting. Whatever we ask you to do you are able to match the tone of the communication to the audience that we are communicating with. This is a vital ingredient to our success.

The regular newsletter campaigns allow us to reach out to dormant customers in the most efficient way. This enables us to convert business opportunities we would otherwise not be aware of.”

 – Kirsten Thomforde, Medical Staffing International

6. Grab attention with zingy, zesty headlines!

The headline is a crucial part of your copywriting piece… after all, if that doesn’t engage people, then your web page won’t get read. Or your email won’t get opened.

Cornelia has studied headline writing extensively, and will craft this for you carefully. In most cases, she will provide you with two or more options so you can test and measure what works best for your specific target market.

7. Crafting customer-focused content

One of the things that businesses struggle with most when writing their own copy is that they find it hard to see things from their prospects’ and customers’ points of view.

Yet writing in a customer-focused manner is vital for engaging people, and persuading them to buy from you. So Cornelia won’t so much write about your business/product/service… rather, she’ll write about what it can do for your customers.

Andy Wright, NG North Harbour Limited

Andy Wright, NG North Harbour Limited

“My special thanks to you for the wonderful job you did on copywriting the content for our new website. We are delighted with our new website and especially appreciated your suggested modifications and advice through the whole process. We have already received several comments on how outstanding our website looks and without your help, analysis and guidance, I am sure it would not have been the success it has turned out to be.

Thanks again for your help with the development of such a critical business tool, to help us create a point of difference, in a very competitive market.”

 – Andy Wright, Director, NG North Harbour Limited

8. Helping you to build trust… with complete strangers!

One of the challenges of online copywriting is that you need to build trust with people you’ve never met… and you have about 5 seconds to do this. Yep, if readers don’t feel like your business is trustworthy within just a few short seconds, they’ll hit the ‘back’ button on their web browser to go to a competitor’s website.

Rather than risk that happening to you, engage Cornelia to write some pro-content that shows off your trustworthiness and professionalism!

9. Creating clear and prominent calls-to-action

Another mistake that novice copywriters make is that they completely forget about including a call to action. Or it’s so subtle that most people don’t even see it. Or it’s in the wrong place.

Cornelia is obsessive about clear and obvious calls to action, giving your marketing piece the best possible chance of success. So get her to write your marketing piece for you!

(Yes, here are the calls to action!)

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Cornelia Luethi's writing service is focused on generating results.

Cornelia Luethi’s writing service is focused on generating results.

Any questions?

Just contact me, I’ll be happy to help you. :)


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