Congratulations to my first ever client, Rubywaxx!

If you’ve ever had a marketing consultation or a coffee with me, you might have heard my favourite (true) story. And that story is about me still working with my first ever marketing consulting client.

Here’s the story…

When I started my marketing consulting business in 2006, I did a free marketing plan for my beauty therapist, Ruby Francis at Rubywaxx. At the time she had one team member – and I needed some marketing plan writing practice. (I’d written many of them before, but not for a few years.)

Fast forward 6 years…

Rubywaxx now has 3 beauty salons – with a 4th opening next week – and a team of 10+ beauty therapists.

Some of the Rubywaxx team: business owner Ruby Francis (right) with two of the beauty therapists.

Some of the Rubywaxx team: business owner Ruby Francis (right) with two of the beauty therapists.

Best of all, I’m still working with Rubywaxx on their marketing each month. And that’s how I get my kicks – seeing a great business such as this grow and thrive.

What kind of marketing work do I do for Rubywaxx?

I work on a regular monthly marketing retainer for Rubywaxx, and the work is varied. To date this has included:

  • Marketing planning: We started with a comprehensive strategic marketing plan, but now we work from a simpler one-page marketing plan.
  • Idea generation: part of the marketing planning process involves generating ideas. In the past this has included initiatives such as a loyalty scheme, and lots lots more besides.
  • Marketing project management: Making sure that everything that needs to happens, happens – and on time.
  • Email newsletter: The production schedule I’ve written ensures this runs like clockwork. I write and research the articles each month, and source suitable photographs. I then liaise with the supplier who sets up and sends the email newsletters. (This is an icky, time-consuming job, so I outsource this work to someone who’s more skilled at this.)
  • Website: I made the original Rubywaxx website and wrote all the content for it. The SEO website copywriting work I did means that the site receives a huge number of visitors – and the customer-focused copy converts these visitors into actual paying customers.
  • Social media: Most of Rubywaxx’s Facebook Page updates are done in-house, but I add to this as needed to ensure that there are regular posts and updates.
  • Marketing collateral: I’ve helped with (a) figuring out what marketing collateral is needed; (b) writing the content for that collateral; (c) sourcing photographs for the collateral; and (d) generating design ideas for the graphic designer to finesse.

Working with a vibrant, growing business such as Rubywaxx is both fun and rewarding.

Even more exciting, Rubywaxx has received recognition of its hard work

Last night Rubywaxx was announced as being a Finalist in the prestigious Westpac Auckland Central Business Awards 2012, in the Excellence in Retail category.

I’m thrilled and relieved at this: it was my idea they enter, and I wrote the entry submission.

Neck on the chopping block, much?!

Yes – but I know a good business when I see one. And it’s awesome to see Rubywaxx’s hard work rewarded in this way.

(In case you’re wondering, there were 111 entrants in the Awards, and only 4 are a Finalist in this category. So it’s an awesome achievement for sure.)

The winner will be announced early November, but in my view, Rubywaxx is already a winner.

Congratulations, Rubywaxx – you deserve this!


PS. Are you an Auckland small business owner in need of some marketing magic?

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Go on, your company could become an Award-worthy business too!