It’s not cheap if it never breaks even…

Don't be like Sara the Witch throwing your marketing budget down the drain - do a break even analysis before you spend a cent on advertising!

Don’t throw your marketing budget down the drain – do a break-even analysis before you spend a cent!

Recently I met a customer, JC, for the first time.

She told me: “I’ve saved thousands of dollars, thanks to you”.

How so?
(I was super curious, as I hadn’t met this lady before… she’d bought an eBook from me, and now we were meeting for her Marketing Consultation for the first time.)

JC revealed that she’d bought the Premium edition of my eBook, The Leaky Bathtub, and with that you get a break-even calculator.

This break-even calculator makes it very simple for you to work out if a marketing campaign is likely to pay for itself – or be a huge waste of money.

JC uses that break-even calculator to assess all of her campaigns

JC told me that the break-even calculator had proven to be a real eye opener as to which campaigns would be profitable, and which campaigns would be an expensive flop.

In other words, she had saved a massive amount of money on advertising campaigns that would never have worked out, and instead has been able to grow her business by investing wisely.

Little wonder that JC’s business is flourishing!

What kind of marketing campaigns can you assess with the break-even calculator?

You can assess any kind of marketing campaign with the break-even calculator. It’s particularly helpful for new customer campaigns, such as:

  • Google AdWords campaigns
  • Facebook advertising
  • Online display advertising
  • Print advertising
  • Flyers and brochures
  • Letterbox drops
  • Exhibiting at expos

You can use the calculator over and over again, as many times as you like.

It takes just a few moments to input the numbers, and BAM! You’ve got your result.


I used the calculator myself last week…

I was curious if a Facebook advertising campaign would stack up… after all, it’s so cheap to do Facebook advertising, right?

Well, the calculator told me straight up that for this particular campaign I’d NEVER break even.

(Just because something is cheap, doesn’t mean that it’s worth spending your money on, or that you’ll get a return.)

Who needs a crystal ball when you can use this tool for less? (And this will pay for itself the very first time you use it!)

Cornelia Luethi, author of The Leaky Bathtub, will show you how you can stop your marketing budget from leaking away.

Cornelia Luethi, author of The Leaky Bathtub, will show you how to stop your marketing budget from leaking away.

Till next time,


Cornelia Luethi  BSc (Hons), DipM
Author of The Leaky Bathtub