Why article writing is the reluctant marketer’s best friend

Ugh. There it is. Scrawled at the bottom of your To Do list: “Marketing”.

Just the sight of it makes your heart sink.

Ah well, you tell yourself, you’ll get round to that once you’ve done everything else on your list.

Of course, that dreaded marketing task never gets completed!

This is a familiar scenario for many small business owners: even though they realise that marketing is important, they don’t enjoy it and find it time-consuming and frustrating.

The good news is that there’s a highly effective marketing tactic that’s quick and time-saving

Time-saving marketing? Is it possible? Yes – if you use articles as part of your marketing tactics.

Articles? Why use articles?

Articles are a wonderful marketing technique, because one article can be used in many different ways:

Article writing is a smart marketing tool, because you can use the one article in so many different ways.

Article writing is a smart marketing tool, because you can use the one article in so many different ways.

1. Newsletter content

Include the article in your newsletter as it’ll remind existing clients of your expertise. Good quality articles add value to the relationship with your clients, and put you ahead of your competitors.

If you regularly send your clients quality articles, in time it will help to increase both your customer retention and word-of-mouth referral rates.

2. Website and blog articles

Having an informational article on your website or blog will be appreciated by both your readers. These readers could be existing clients, or they might be prospects who are umming and ahhing about contacting you. A meaningful article might just prompt them into taking action.

Customers and prospects aren’t the only ones who’ll appreciate your articles: so will the search engines. They rate websites that are rich with unique, high quality information, and if you regularly add well-written articles, you should see your website rankings increase over time.

3. Social media updates

Once the article is on your website or blog, it’s a doddle to link to it and share it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ or any other social media network. It can be a good way of driving more traffic to your website.

Seeing your article on social media sites not only reminds existing clients of your expertise (and help your customer retention rate), but it may even introduce new prospects to your business

4. Free reports and eBooks

What do you call a collection of articles? It’s a book! You could put your content into an eBook format, and either sell it online, or give it away to clients and prospects.

5. Information sheets

Put your articles into an Information Sheet format with your logo on the front, and all your contact details in the footer of each page. You can then give these Information Sheets to prospects at sales meetings, or send a PDF copy after the sales meeting.

By adding value in this way, and proving your expertise, this inexpensive method can boost your sales conversion rates.

6. Guest blogging

Other websites and blogs are always hungry for content, and if you can get your article in front of a targeted, quality audience, it can (a) drive more traffic to your own website, and (b) introduce new prospects to your business.

There are various ways to make this work, but the most important thing is that you edit the article (and its headline) before you post it elsewhere. Remember how I said in point 2 that search engines like unique content? The search engines actually downgrade sites that have ‘duplicate content’. So if you get the opportunity to post your work elsewhere, make sure that you edit it – and that the article or byline includes a link to your own website!

But what if you don’t like writing – let alone article writing?

Many people who don’t enjoy writing are great at talking. If that sounds like you, dictate your article: you can either use speech recognition software, or else get a secretarial service (such as a Virtual Assistant) to type up your dictated article.

Your other option is to get a copywriter to write your articles for you. Professional article writing is worth the investment, as the articles bring so many different benefits to your business over an extended period of time.


Article writing is a powerful marketing tactic because one article can be used in so many different ways:

  • Newsletters
  • Website and blog articles
  • Social media updates
  • Free reports and ebooks
  • Guest blogging

A marketing tactic that helps with customer retention, referral rates and introduces new customers to your business – what’s not to love?! Article writing is an investment that can yield you returns for a long time to come.


PS. Yes, I can help you with article writing!

Don't enjoy article writing? You can still use article marketing as a tactic, for example by engaging a copywriter to help you.

Don’t enjoy article writing? You can still use article marketing as a tactic, for example by engaging a copywriter to help you.

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“Cornelia writes the text for our newsletters and some website updates. She did a great job of taking our rambling thoughts and turning them into professional, easy to read copy. We’ve had a good reaction and it has had the desired effect of prompting some existing clients into starting new projects with us.”   – Nigel Smith, Transformer Design