How to get more stuff done (without working longer hours)


Does it sometimes seem hard to reach the long-term goals for your business?

If you work long hours but sometimes your goals still seem out of reach, this video is for you…

How to get more stuff done (without working longer hours)

… Hi, this is Cornelia Luethi from The Leaky Bathtub, and most of the business owners I meet work long hours. After all, they want to make their business a success.

Also, when you enjoy what you do, it can be hard to stop… you just want to keep going!

But here’s the problem. It’s just too easy to fill up your day with unimportant stuff

The capacity in your day is limited – like this drinking glass. There’s only so much you can put in it.

The sand represents all those trivial, time-consuming tasks… like admin, accounts, and replying to emails. Yes, those things need doing, but if you let them take up too much time, there’s not enough time for the important stuff.

These pebbles represent the important things in my life. Like writing and launching books. Billable client work. Exercising, so I stay fit and healthy. Spending time with my family and loved ones. Taking breaks.

So to make sure you achieve what’s important to you, you need to schedule the important things first… and then fit the more trivial tasks around them.

You literally need to schedule time for your goals into your schedule

How to get more stuff done (without working longer hours)In my case, I make time each day for exercise, writing books, billable client work, etc.

As for this mid-winter break, I scheduled it 6 months ago. As soon as I get a new wall planner, I get out my highlighter pen, and block out some time for breaks.

Sure, you can be more spontaneous than that, but personally I like having breaks to look forward to. It keeps me focused and motivated.

So to make sure that you get what you want, make sure you schedule your time appropriately

It’s up to you how you fill your day, so make sure you fill your days with something that makes you happy!

Enjoy your day!