Time management tips from Cornelia

Hi there,

Here are a couple of videos I recorded with time management tips.

The videos are for my other website (The Leaky Bathtub, which is for DIY small business marketing) – I hope you enjoy them too!

Why you need to take time out from your business

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How to get more stuff done (without working longer hours)

FREE Marketing Tips:  http://wordsbycornelia.com/marketing-tips/

PS. Yes, this is me, Cornelia, in the video!

This video is filmed on my iPhone using techniques learned from iPhone Video Hero… you can get a FREE eBook on iPhone Video Marketing here.

(And if you’re wondering about my other website, The Leaky Bathtub is for business owners who want to DIY their marketing… whereas this website, Words By Cornelia, is about my copywriting service.)

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