An easy-peasy headline writing technique you can use right away…

Need to write a good headline – but don’t have time to suss out a bunch of different headline writing techniques?

Here’s an easy way to write a decent headline in 3 simple steps:


Good headlines help attract readers' attention... here's an easy headline writing technique.

Good headlines help attract readers’ attention… here’s an easy headline writing technique.

There are lots of headline writing techniques out there, but this one is probably the easiest to learn… and it works really well.

Step 1: Ask a question
Step 2. Use the word ‘you’ in your question
Step 3: The question should address a problem that your prospect is experiencing

Example: the intro to this video uses this technique! It is:

Are you struggling to write an attention-grabbing headline?

Next time you need to write a headline, see if you can use this headline writing technique.

Then, review your existing marketing materials (printed and online) and give them a re-vamp by writing a catchy headline.

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